A poem I wrote: Unmask


my mind is euphoric

people venting to me

saying stuff to me

using me as their guide

but i’m fragile

my mind

my body

is prone to break, eventually


i’m just speaking my mind,

letting the words flow

it’s like two people were dragging my hands in two different directions

someone yelling in fury

making a fit

teachers pointing fingers like he’s the one to blame

when he’s just being misunderstood


I know from first hand

that kid use to be me

but just because he expresses anger in a outbursts way

doesn’t mean he is anger


Emotions don’t define people,

people telling me things I don’t want to hear

that just leads to drama


real eyes realize real lies

i’m just speaking my mind

letting the words flow

people try to throw me around saying you should be like that

or like this

you should do this not that

I am me


saying no is my weakness

but it’s my poison

nature is my home

the world’s home

air is good for you

inhale it

this poem is just me speaking my mind


use your bad experiences to make good ones


explore the world

do one thing that scares you everyday

it will change your perspective


anger is energy take advantage of it to do something productive

when you think there’s no way out

it’s all in your head

ground yourself

get underneath those thoughts that seem to be facts

and let them out


everyone has flaws

don’t hide them

flaunt them

you wouldn’t be “you” without them


but i’m just speaking my mind

I usually mask my feelings

and my flaws

and i’m scared

and I worry

but today everything is different



A poem I wrote: Unmask

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