The Start

Hey everyone I am starting a blog. Why? because it is a good way to express myself. Also,I hope to impact others through my writing and to improve my writing. I am currently  interning at Worcester magazine (which is more like a newspaper than a magazine). That captures all the current events in Worcester and central Ma. It is a pretty well known magazine in Worcester and the central Ma area. I enjoy it but it is a challenge because i’m not use to the type of writing the magazine is formatted which is news- writing. I am enrolled in a gap year program located in Worcester called Dynamy. I live in my own apartment and do internships. This program is to better yourself, learn how to live on your own and experience the experience of having a job (more advanced than being a cashier or a wait staff and etc.). My last internship was over at Girl’s Inc; an all girls after-school program. I worked with the peeps they are the youngest girls; ranges from kindergarten to 2nd grade. It was fun but a lot of work. In the fall I will be attending Colby swayer college. I had a lot going on my senior year and I knew I wasn’t ready to start the college life. So, thats why I am doing a gap year program. What I hope to get out of this blog is be able to have a voice and express myself and unravel the things I usually hold back. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!IMG_7834

The Start

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