Just do you

I would often ask for people’s opinions

I would base my opinion on other people’s feedback

If someone didn’t like something I wouldn’t like it.

But I realized as I get older I shouldn’t care what people think about me.

I would usually do something because someone else wanted to do it and I became to be easily influence.

I would depend on what other people do and I didn’t really have a voice.

I use to not be able to leave my house without putting on makeup and having my hair straightened.

I became super self conscious

Wherever I went I had to make sure I look good even if I was going on a run or going to the gym.

Focusing on what people think of you constantly is really exhausting and not worth it.

I am learning to just do me and be comfortable with myself.

People are going to always judge you know matter what you do.

So just do you.


Just do you

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