My Happy Place

To me it is really important to have a happy place (it can even be a movie or a song). Its a place where you can enjoy yourself, be yourself, and be content with yourself. A place that simply makes you happy. One of my happy places is Elm Park in Worcester Ma. This park is right near where my apartment is in Worcester. So it is really accessible. It is where I go on runs and when people come up and visit me I often show them the park or go on walks with friends  within my gap year program. The interesting part about it, is when I use to smoke I would go to Elm Park, and I didn’t really think much of it at first. In all honesty during that time I was more focused on getting high that it distracted me from seeing the beauty of the park. Now that I am going to Elm Park more frequently I appreciate it so much more. When I go on runs it’s the only time I’m okay with being alone and i’m content with myself. I just grasp the beauty that Elm Parks holds and it makes my runs more enjoyable. It attracts a lot of people like myself and it is perfect to go on runs/walks, play frisbee, soccer, football, baseball, ice skate, play pond hockey,and play on the play ground or even just to get some fresh air. One of the best aspects of it is that it’s free. I go to Elm Park sometimes feeling sad, anxious, stressed or etc but, I come out feeling happy and content with myself. I love how I can do one of my favorite things (running) at one of my favorite places. On the weekends elm park is popping. I love seeing people out enjoying themselves. This park is unique in its own way. There is a really old bridge that is really steep (it’s a huge struggle to go up when your high). A lot of people complain about it but I like it because it adds charter to the park. Geese love it there and I look forward to the spring time (which is in a couple weeks) to see the goslings. Whenever I’m feeling down, anxious  or I need to just get some energy out. Elm park is there for me. Elm park will always have a special place in my heart. After my time at Dynamy ends I will still come back to visit it.


My Happy Place

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