Focus on the good in life

When you think there’s no way out know that’s all in your head.


Shit happens.


Some things will go really good others will go really bad.


Your mind tends to focus on the bad then the good.


Why’s that? I don’t know the “real” answer but I think it’s because it’s easier to accept the bad than the good.


Some people look past the good and take it for granted.


When I look back on my past, the bad sticks out more to me than the good.


I’m trying to seek out the good memories and not dwell on the bad memories.


I’m starting to realise I should hold on the good memories and let go of the bad.


Forgiving is key.


Eventually you’re going to have to accept the bad to be truly happy.


Take advantage of the bad that happens to you and turn it into strength.


The bad will make you stronger.


Having a positive attitude on life will go a long way.


If life was perfect you wouldn’t learn anything.


People grow up differently and come from different cultures and lifestyles.


Don’t compare yourself to others learn from them instead.


Society tends to focus on the bad (especially with the news) but don’t give in to it.


Try to laugh at your mistakes and some of the bad things that happened to you.


For example, during the first week at my internship at Girls Inc (an all girls after school program) when I walked there for the first time my GPS screwed me up and I ended up on the highway; not knowing it’s against the law to walk on a highway. I literally broke down in the breakdown lane. Now I look back and laugh at it. I would joke around it with my friends.


Turn the bad into something good.


You can always find a silver lining.


So focus on the good and learn from the bad.


Focus on the good in life

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